jeudi 13 novembre 2014

Pat Martino : bright and gifted guitar player!

A guitarist who can read music and knows harmony : for sure something not  very common among rock musicians, perhaps an example to be followed, who knows ?  (please don’t blame me for this remark). Pat Martino is anyway one of the finest jazz guitarists and a musician who has revolutionized the technique of his instrument. He played with the greatest soloists and performs on many international stages, often with an original group in trio :  guitar of course, Hammond organ and drums. He has developped over the years a very personal and incisive style, characterized by a very rapid staccato phrasing, and harmonically rich, including also his  personnal  concept of harmonic minor chord progression.
For the record, Martino is a perfect example of resilience. A brain surgery to remove a blood clot, so as to avoid aneurysm,  left him with full amnesia, having lost all memory of his career and without any musical knowledge.
He made a recovery, and learned to play the guitar again. using his own recordings and other methods he developped for this purpose.
 On You tube you will easily get an idea of his style and  talent with quite a  lot of videos....

I would recommend this one

And this smashing other one

Marc Lequenne