lundi 17 février 2014

Milagres : shining golden nuggets

I just wrote a chronicle in my mother tongue, French, saying I made a great discovery and loved at first sight an indie pop rock NYC band: Milagres.
This short chronicle had to be written in English too. Not sure it's great, not sure it's perfect. It will be a bit different from the French one, but still quite positive. That being said, let's start;

Sometimes miracles do not happen.
I do listen to endless lists of new songs, “Soundclouds”, digital compilations and so called novelties. Dull days sometimes pass without a ray of light getting through the grey clouds that darken our days from September to April...

But sometimes I find a golden nugget among the mud. Sometimes an emerald shines among cheap stones and ... that kind of miracle always happens to me in the end! The mad gold digger suddenly forgets mosquitoes, pain and fever and joy is like a huge wave, overwhelming him and the surrounding buzzing jungle. The sun shines in its full glory, piercing dark skies with an invisible strength.
Here I was yesterday, jumping for joy, eyes lit with a crazy glow ... and here were Milagres' tunes in my sieve. I listened 6 or 7 times to their song "Jeweled Case". This made my day brighter.
Go, my friends, go down, get their music and discover yourself the nuggets coming from this fresh and superb bonanza.  Dig the earth, this is worth it.
A bright and smart indie pop rock band from NYC, and their name just means "miracles" in Portuguese.

Sometimes miracles happen.

Jérôme V.

Songazine editor.