mardi 17 mars 2015

SHOPPING, hopping, popping

Yesterday, I went to a gig and was not expecting anything from the supporting band.
Yesterday, I went to a gig and really liked the supporting band a lot!
In French, we call the supporting band “la première partie”, i.e. “the first part”, which could mean either the band which plays first or the band who IS first, no? Can be tricky!
Here, they were called SHOPPING. Hey, what is that ?
Without joking, I must tell you that I enjoyed seeing this guys playing live and so did my beloved wife who was near me this time , in le Divan Du Monde in Paris. You know, we are French, we are Parisians and we do dress smart to listen to music, so we think we deserve good music.
So SHOPPING started playing and we did like what we saw. Two girls+ 1 boy, steaming energy and sound, pouring rhythm and pleasing our souls. The air went electric, notes flew against the walls and did ricochet on our smiles. That was it. Tick in the box, bingo, right here right now we were caught…     
Being an old crocodile, born in 1961, I have plenty of memories when I hear songs.
I was happy to catch some clear references à la mode from “The Au Pairs”, white funk, shrill voice, tension, break beats, and a bit from “Gang of Four” exciting flavors. Chili, curry, hot pepper, all spices we will always love.
Just one thing dear Shopping band: when one types your name in Google search, plenty of bullshit appears and finding you is not easy. That’s funny.
Shopping is highly recommended for your soul, your dancing feet and is delivering short musical pearls: “it’s obvious” as sang the famous Au Pairs.
Merci beaucoup,les Shopping !
Listen to them there. This is a must.

Jérôme ”who was 20 in the 80’s” V.