lundi 1 juin 2015

One Sunday night at Buddy Guy’s

Chicago nights, here we go again! I am invited by great US colleagues (in fact, er, friends) for an afterwork dinner and congress success celebration. We worked well, so let’s take some gooood time together.
Let’s go to Buddy Guy’s Legends on Wabash Street, one of the top 8 “places to be” when it comes to Blues clubs in the Windy City? Sure!
So here we are, at 7.00 pm sharp, 10 of us seating together and having a couple of drinks, ready for the music.
Ouch, before today’s real action on the stage, we have to gulp a white-boring-jazzy-unfunky trio, playing 15’ 45” tunes with 5 keyboard soli and 12 chords per bar. So we eat some tacos, spare ribs, put more barbecue sauce on the fries, drink another margarita and get busy on Facebook with each other’s pix sent to… each other.
Then … show time!
The great and certainly legendary Mary-Lane comes with her musicians (aka the No Static Blues band) and starts singing. She has a low tone and calm voice, filled with decades of experience and shows, making you listen to what she has to say. Just like instruments with a “noise gate”, she would not yell but still has much power. Impressive scenic presence and she takes advantage of the wireless mike to come into the crowd and look at you in the eyes. She sings songs about love, despair, sadness and joy or happiness, of course. Special award for songs that ladies adore, where it’s about men being… men and she casts some naughty lyrics, making girls giggle and women laugh. Dancing is not an option for many guests and the crowd moves with energy.
“We love you”, she says after each song, and yes, you have to love her too, women and men, before she goes to chill out with our dear BB King, as she lady was born in 1935. However, we still wish her a long life among us, poor sinners, coming for some fun, art and soul refreshment at Buddy Guy’s.
So, great night out with my friends, special thanks to Joyce and Sean, my New Jersey stars and true people.

Jérôme”not born in the USA” V.